Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bachelor Recap - Premiere (S19E2)

Last night on the Bachelor it was pretty much full of a change of rules being changed up throughout the show. In one way I am really happy ABC allowed Chris to bring Kimberly since they get to really know each other Chris wanted to give her a second chance. Another thing announced was that there were no rules about the fact that Chris is living on the same property, right next door. Gotta make things a little interesting...
+ Two of the girls decided that since they were not on the first group date to pay a little visit to Chris' place. This whole scene pretty much got on my nerves. Megan bugged the hell out of me by banging her head off of all the different surfaces in the suite. Umm hun I am sure he is going to appreciate you scratching the shit outta his helmet.

+ Show Me Your Country - first group date
my initial thoughts were how did these girls even know to wear their bikinis under their clothes? and then they were walking through the big city in just their bikinis, all I could think was this is a little obnoxious.
+ Tractor Races? do any of these girls even know how to drive a tractor. They might have gone a little faster if they had shifted gears.

+Group date turned One on One with McKenzie.Some majorly weird conversations. I think her nerves were part to blame but ummm "Aliens?!" I am glad Chris was not set back by the fact that she has a little boy. McKenzie is definitely a kiss and tell kinda girl which in return brings out the jealous bitches back at the Mansion.

+Megan was chosen for the next one on one date. She showed her blonde traits by thinking this was just a simple card sent to her from Chris. Their date turned out wonderful and I felt so bad for her loosing her Daddy during this whole process. Kudos to her for following her heart. She seems very wholesome and potential wifey material. Now please excuse while I plan our trip to the Grand Canyon, feel free to chip in for our private helicopter tour!

+Group Date for Zombie Paintball. I am not going to lie I was afraid a couple times that Ashley was going to go buzurk on all the other girls, possibly even Chris. Poor girl must have popped a couple zanies and drank them down with some vodka. They did not mix well and she turned pretty psycho and all I kept thinking was hello here is one of the girls that is not going to be here next week.

+I like Britt but she seems too sophisticated to be married to a farmer. She reminds me much of Sharleen from Juan Pablo's episode.

+Insert uncomfortable belly button scene with the virgin. I cannot even put my thoughts into words.

+Britt becomes a little jealous, okay a lot jealous, about the other girls macking on Chris. Reality check sweetheart, you are on a reality tv show, get over it!

+The rose ceremony was filled with plenty of surprises including what the commercials gave away of Jillian slipping on the rug along with all with Chris picking psycho Ashley to stick around and sending Tara and Kimberly home.

+I wasn't too impressed with last nights show, other than the Grand Canyon tour. I hope next week brings more entertainment and eye candy.

Last night I was also running back and forth between our bedroom and living room watching the first half of the Ohio State game. How about those Buckeyes! National Champions Baby!!!!! Talk about a good game that left me extremely proud of those boys and their teamwork.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Resolutions for 2015

I know I am already 8 days late getting these resolutions out there but I am the type of person that if I don't know if I am really going to stick to something then I don't want to be held accountable for it and then my failures broadcast for all to see. Really though I am not a fan of failure but I am also one to try new things and want to see changes in myself. So here you have it, my resolutions for 2015 that I am already 7 days into achieving. There is not stopping me now.

+Read more. last year I read maybe 5 books, but I also didn't have a goal set last year to read more, so this year I have set a hefty goal of 25-30. I know that seems like a lot but I have a fair amount of down time each day so there is no reason that I can't pick up a book at least 5 nights of the week and read for 30 minutes or more.

+Live a healthier lifestyle. In the last couple of months I have really fallen off the workout train and kissed healthy eating goodbye and said hello to convenience. Well four months later I am really noticing the effects this has had on my body and my overall well being. My clothes fit tighter, I have bought larger sizes and I just don't feel 100%. I need to fix this before it becomes way too out of control and I have to aboard the struggle bus for months on end to see any results. This will obviously include eating healthier, home cooked meals and working out on a more regular basis.
Another part of living a healthier lifestyle is to socialize more. I find myself coming straight home after work and not wanting to go do anything with friends or my husband through the weekend and then the weekend comes and we just lounge around all weekend. This is obviously not good and makes me slightly depressed after a while. So in an effort to hang out with friends and family more I am going to make deliberate effort to try to plan a girls night once a month, whether it be go get drinks or grab a bite to eat, go see a movie at the movie theater with my husband, or have a craft afternoon with my Mom, Grandma, Aunts and cousins.

+Financially stable. This year we are cutting back on our casual spending and trying to save more money and pay off our debt. Dave Ramsey is paying a huge help to us with this. 

Do you make resolutions or have goals for 2015? If so what are a couple of yours for this year? How good are you at keeping them?
Here is a to a successful and healthy 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

52 Weeks || Week 1, Old Man Winter, Snuggles & Migraines

Jessica over at Team Wiking hosts this weekly photo link up where she focuses on taking pictures of her kids once a week. However you chose to do it it is opened up for anything, you don't have to do it solely on your kids. I am going to do it this year on pretty much whatever is going on in our lives throughout this year. This is going to force me to bust out the camera and document our lives weekly and share them on here. By the end of the year I will have everything documented and I can put it in our family yearbooks and I might even be more familiar with our camera than I am now. If you have a chance go check out Jessica's 2014 pictures, the way she takes pictures really captures the moment and I love the lighting in all her pictures and she is always having so much fun with her kiddos, oh and her home is absolutely gorgeous.

This week started off with going back to work after a 5 day break after we spent Sunday enjoying our favorite kind of date night with driving the backroads and watching the sun set. I just haven't been really feeling all that great and two days later a migraine has made it's appearance. This is the second migraine I have had in the last four months and they come in with full force, light and noise sensitivity to the point that I have made a few trips to the porcelain throne. Luckily excedrine migraine and sleep are just what it needs to kick it in the butt. Even after it has subsided I am left feeling drained and exhausted. Aside from the migraine we also got graced with freezing temperatures this week and our first major snowfall. Cold winter nights call for snuggling with Tyson and catching up on my reading and many tedious visits to the wood burner in the basement to keep the fire going so we don't freeze.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bachelor Recap - Premiere (S19E1)

I hit my snooze button all of three times his morning thanks to staying up til after 11:00 last night watching the Bachelor. But I would not have had it any other way! I have been looking forward to this season for a good while now since I only watched the bachelorette the last time a handful of times and really didn't follow it all the way through.  If we didn't live miles and miles away Julie and I would totally have live viewing parties every Monday night. Unfortunately we can't so the closest we get to that is texting back and forth our opinions and predictions of what is going to happen next. That is if either one if us can get our husbands to quit jabbing their jaws and purposely trying to distract us from the drama! If only we could send Michael and Anthony off to the woods to go hunting or drinking or whatever it is that guys do.

One big reason I am super excited  for this season of The Bachelor because watching a small town farmer  on the big screen is right up my alley, or should I say dirt road. No really though Chris seems extremely genuine and  he doesn't seem like he is going to mess around and jumping right into it with all of these girls. Between having the first kiss tonight and watching the previews for the rest of the season, it's going to get entertaining.

+Some of my opinions are that Tara probably needs to take this second chance and show that she is not just an outta control drunk ass who can't control herself. I really liked her to begin with but she quickly spun herself out of control. Hopefully she makes a better impression next Monday.

+I really liked Bo and the idea of having a plus size model on here. But putting her on here with 29 other stick figure women I feared if she would even make it passed the first rose ceremony. Good luck honey and someone else is out there for you that will appreciate your curves.

+Brittany please put some clothes on and quit making a disgrace of our name!

+Kelsey seems really classy and I hope she makes it pretty far. I feel like she would be a good Iowa girl.

+There are a good bit of brunettes on here. Maybe that is just a coincidence and the fact that Chris liked Andi so much in the Bachelorette that we all just think he is partial to them. Only time will tell. 

+Ashley you are a loon! Your obsession with onions and that awkward yellow rose dismissal just made you off to be a weirdo to me but who knows maybe you will not  be as crazy as you seem.

+ummm yes there are 30 girls. So what!!! For once I am agreeing with Claire and he is only meant to pick one of you in the end so the number of other women on the show does not matter. This definitely just showed all these girls bitchy sides but hey isn't that why we are all watching this anyways!?

+ I cannot wait to see what this stunt is that Kimberly is pulling. Thanks ABC for making all of us wait until next week. My guess is she went pack in and begged for a second chance and he gave it to her. Who knows maybe Tara flips shit on her and he takes Tara's rose and gives it to Kimberly and tells Tara to hit the road. Guess we won't know until next week!

Friday, January 2, 2015

NYE and Staying Up Too Late

It is almost 4 a.m. and I am sitting in our living room, eating a bowl of fruity pebbles, watching The Millionaire Matchmaker (because let's face it aside from infomercials and football recaps there is next to nothing to really watch) and browsing through instagram. Not real sure why I have not gone to bed yet however, the two naps that were taken today (well technically yesterday) could be the reason. Anthony went to bed almost 3 hours ago after we watched the Buckeyes big win over Alabama. Sugar Bowl Champions Baby!!!

We spent the last couple hours of 2014 celebrating with our friends and family at the Doublecut NYE Party listening to some amazing music, playing cornhole, and dancing the night away!
There really was no better way to do it!

Luckily Anthony had the day off and so did I so we spent the whole day together. Going to the store to get shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a new lightbulb for his CRV and some groceries. After coming home and eating lunch we ended up taking a two hour nap together and then ran to my Grandma's to pay her and Dave our rent and hurried home to get ready for the big game. JK and Shalene came over and we just had some pizza and beers and watched the game (nothing to eventful). The game didn't start until after 9 and I dozed off during halftime. Luckily I woke up with 5 minutes left of the game and it was just in time to watch a very intense win over Alabama. It was pretty much 1:00 a.m. so Jk and Shalene headed home and Anthony went to bed because he has to work at 7 a.m.  Obviously I am going to find myself sleeping in with Mr. Tyson and hopefully having enough energy to make it to the gym and go to lunch with my Mom and possibly get all the Christmas decor taken down, packed away and get the house back into it's normal state.

Did you all have a fun NYE? Whether it was staying in or going out for the night I am sure yours was just as fun and a great way to kiss 2014 goodbye and say hello to 2015. I am anxious to get started on my goals and resolutions for this year. I will save all of that for a different post because the sun is going to be coming up in a few hours and I am going to regret pulling an all nighter.
Good night everyone.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Recap - Highlights of the Year

We didn't exactly start off the year the best way. Within the first week of the year we found ourselves receiving Tank's cancer diagnosis. We decided to deal with it day by day and allow his condition to determine how much time he had left with us.


February proved to be one of the hardest months of the whole year. The cancer took over Tank's quality of life and we made the most taxing decision of our lives and Tank crossed over the rainbow bridge. On top of this, two days before I quit my job and was left with the unknown of what we were going to do because we could not live off of one income but I could also not continue working with such insanity. Luckily with two weeks I had two interviews and was offered a position as a Deed Clerk and errand runner at a law firm only 5 minutes from our house. Things finally started turning around.


March brought on lots of spending time with friends, old & new. I met up with one of the girls I used to work with and we had lunch and shopping in the quaint little town of Granville. Julie from over at Just The Joys came to Ohio with her hubby and some other friends for the Deer and Turkey expo and we of course turned it into a blate. It was a lot of fun and now Anthony and I just need to get ourselves to Michigan!


My cousins band opened up for Neil McCoy and we of course had tickets to go watch the show with some of our friends. I also had my cousin Lydia's bridal shower that I helped to decorate for. (She ended up starting her own blog this year too! Make sure you add it to your reading list, you will not be disappointed)


 The month of May turned into a really busy month with a big surprise too. We started the year off saying good bye to our fur baby and really struggled the quieter moments spent at home without Tank at the house. However, less than 6 months later we found ourselves welcoming another big boy into our hearts. Just when we thought no other dog would fill that big void we met Tyson and we quickly fell in love! We attended Lydia's beautiful wedding in Columbus where she married her best friend, Ryan, and we celebrated with family dancing, photo boothing it up, and more dancing with the Ohio State marching band. We wrapped up the month of May with Anthony's graduation ceremony and big party at our house afterwards. I was one proud wifey that day and I continue to be so proud of my hardworking and super smart husband.


In June I joined my parents on their beach vacation to the Outerbanks. I enjoyed countless hours laying on the beach and just relaxing.


In July we spent the 4th of July at Anthony's Aunt and and Uncle's house and then spent my birthday in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston never gets old for us!


August was full of many nights of concerts at the County Fair.


I had the privilege of being in my best friend's wedding followed by the next weekend of going to my cousin's wedding. Missy's wedding officially ended all the weddings of the year.


In October we got the travel bug and decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Niagara Falls and of course Tyson tagged along since we didn't plan on spending a lot of time in Niagara Falls and instead going hiking in some State Parks.


For Thanksgiving we spent the extended weekend at the beach. It was a lovely thought to escape the cold of Ohio but it was colder there and add the wind factor the weather wasn't the best but I will not turn down a day spent on the beach.


December was of course spent celebrating Christmas and no traveling out of State.  

Even though 2014 started off not the greatest it ended off on a great note. Life has been pretty great and it is only getting better with 2015. I hope you all have an amazing New Years and if you are out and about make sure that you are careful and stay out of trouble. Good bye ya'all, see you next year!

Bella And The City

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Weekend Recap 2014

That is his "Mom you better get your Christmas picture blog posted before next year and no one cares anymore about how we spent our Holiday" face. No really though tomorrow is the last day of 2014 and it doesn't seem like time is slowing down any bit around here. I luckily had 4.5 days off for Christmas so after I went on my mad cleaning spree and one last trip for any procrastination shopping that needed to be done I jumped into my pajamas and spent as much time as physically possibly lounging around with that big guy up there.

I finally got our critter tree up just in time for everyone to be visiting our house for Christmas. A select few found themselves hanging out temporarily on the little tree that I had until Anthony cut a hole in a chunk of wood for me to put this bigger tree up in the kitchen and then it was pretty much complete. Family and friends also bought us some really cute ones to add to our collection! 

Tyson spent the majority of Christmas Eve and Christmas day drooling over these cupcakes and cookies that we had out for everyone. I was pretty proud of him, he didn't attempt to help himself to any of them, even when I forgot them out on the table over night and on Friday.

I have a fair amount of reading to get done after telling Anthony some of the books that have been on my reading list. It doesn't look like my goal to read more in 2015 is going to be too hard. I am also going to be teaching myself calligraphy in the coming year. I told Anthony a couple months ago that I really wanted to give it a try and he remembered. 

My Momma added to my never ending supply of mason jars with this set. I cannot wait to bust these out this Summer. They are so cute!!!!

My Grandma painted these beautiful pieces at the local ceramics place and gifted them to us for Christmas. I am in love with them. There is something that is extra special about receiving handmade gifts. I decided that this upcoming year I am going to go to the ceramics place once a month and paint a piece to eventually give next year for Christmas to different people. Scratch that, I am probably going to have to go twice a month, one time to paint something to give away and another time to paint something for our house.

We concluded Christmas twenty14 with Christmas at my Grandma Spiker's. I love getting together with these cousins and watching the little kids open gifts. We pretty much got gift of the year by getting Evan a marshmallow blaster. He was so pumped and all of us adults were playing with it every chance we got. I might be making another trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a couple more. 

All in all Christmas this year was very low key, other than the excessive amounts of traveling we made all over Muskingum County but getting to see everyone really topped that off, and hey gas is under $2.00 around here so we're not complaining about the extra miles. 

I am really excited to ring in the new year tomorrow first by kicking it off with getting out of the office early at 12:00 and then ringing it in with the big Doublecut New Years Eve Party. 
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